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Is keyshia cole dating young jeezy

is keyshia cole dating young jeezy-74

Does the minor age difference (Boobie is 23; Keyshia is 28) mean anything?

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Aside from music and political talks, he spoke candidly about his rumoured relationship with R&B songstress Keyshia Cole. She was seen with a huge rock on her finger and she stated that her fiance was asleep in the room. Months ago, the rumor was that Keyshia Cole and Young Jeezy had something going on. But c'mon, if you're in the Bahamas with someone, you guys are definitely more than just friends. She was seen in a club with Jeezy and had to smack up some employees at a club and ran out with Jeezy. If there is more then one rumor going around about 2 people, at least one of them has to be true. She didn't want to kiss Tyrese in her video "Love", cause she didn't want to get Jeezy mad. So, what do you think of this newest celebrity pairing?Could Daniel Gibson and Keyshia Cole make a good couple?According to Jeezy, they weren’t ever in a relationship.

He claims, that’s what she wanted but he wasn’t down for anything from the start.

Earlier this week, Gucci talked about allegedly being set up by Jeezy on Power 105’s Breakfast Club radio show and even called his opponent a “sucker.” As anticipated, Jeezy then reacted by calling Gucci ‘retarded’ and said he is angry because he won’t do another track with him.

Over the weekend, Gucci dropped a diss track, titled, ‘Truth (Not a Jeezy Diss)’ taking shots at Young Jeezy whilst dishing some dirt on Keyshia Cole.

She said she would only kiss some one she likes like T.

Keyshia, if you got a big ass rock on ya finga you betta tell the world and stop denying that shit and show that shit off.

Young Jeezy released his first music album on August 31, 2001, by the name Thuggin’ Under the Influence (T. I.) via his independent record label Corporate Thugz Entertainment (CTE). In 2009, Jeezy appeared in the comedy movie Janky Promoters as himself.