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Blind dating plot summary

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Aria tries not to conceal her disappointment and struggles with the weirdness of the arrangement.Back at the Hastings', Melissa is still searching for her ring AND for Ian's passport.

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He gives her a rusty horseshoe as the item that corresponds with the number on the receipt.As she endeavors to return the phone, she finds herself on a journey of self-discovery. The episode begins with the pawn shop owner expressing shock at seeing Spencer walk back through the door of his shop, just like she said she would, forty eight hours after pawning Melissa's diamond ring." Pam is happy as ever, celebrating Emily's inevitable acceptance into Danby. At school, Lucas is a total mess; he is beyond nervous about his upcoming date with Danielle.He is persuaded to call it off, but Hanna pushes him not to.His friends let her know that he hasn't been around in months, and Jason theorizes that Mike is doing things of which his family obviously wouldn't approve. For a moment, it seem that Jason is flirting when he tells her he remembers her pink hair highlight and misses her bold fashion statement. At school, Samara is happy to hear about Emily's news (which she heard from Pam, who was gushing to just about everyone).

Pam is super proud of Emily because she thinks Danby made a written commitment and is especially enthusiastic about Emily because received a box of Danby paraphernalia.

She barely speaks to the therapist, avoids opening up to her, and leaves as soon as time is up, avoiding the therapist's request for Hanna to role play what she is feeling as if Alison were sitting there with them.

At the basketball court, Aria goes to find Mike, but only finds Mike's friends and, unexpectedly, Jason.

In the end, Wren turns Spencer down to help track down Ian, not wanting to get involved.

At the therapist's office, Hanna is impatient and annoyed.

A divorced couple meet online and end up going on a blind date together.